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Bultaco Reborn


Throughout its history, Bultaco has been inspired by the idealistic dreaming of true moto enthusiasts.

It was the dreams and excitement of Don Paco Bultó and his devoted team in 1958 that spurred them to undertake their ambitious challenge.

On 17 May 2014, the anniversary of Bultaco and the birthday of its founder, Paco Bultó, Bultaco. An exciting announcement was made in London for the official return of Bultaco to the motorcycle market, introducing the world to the first prototypes of Bultaco's new range of vehicles.

Bultaco was reborn reinvigorate with the mission of doing what it set out to do back in 1983: dreaming to offering customers motorcycles that are fast, elegant and above all else fun. This is achieved by drawing upon Bultaco’s almost 60 years of manufacturing experience, recruiting top innovators who dare to dream and by utilising cutting edge technologies.

The new Bultaco Team maintains the same old spirit that has always defined the Thumb-Up brand, faithful to the traditional values that made the company founded by Don Paco Bultó legendary: passion, innovation and competition.

Bultaco continues to draw inspiration from its celebrated motorcycles, proud of its legacy... but without living off its past, always looking ahead.


A legend is born.

On 17th May 1958, in the course of a historic dinner, Paco Bultó and a small group of loyal friends who dares to accompany him on a thrilling adventure, made the decision to create a new brand of motorcycles. Bultaco was born, and went on to become the most legendary Spanish motorcycle brand of all time.

A new brand in 10 months:
Tralla 101.

The founders began working immediately using Mr Bultó's own house, in the homestead of San Antonio, to create the first in a long line of innovative motorcycles. During this time they organised a factory so they could share their dream with everyone as well as designing the first bike. The prototype was ready in just four months, and on 24th March 1959 the Tralla 101 was unveiled to the press. The first Bultaco was unleashed upon the world forever changing the motorcycle industry.

Five world records.

On 2nd October 1960 Bultaco broke five world records for long distance speed at the racetrack of Montlhéry (France), with a spectacular 175cc prototype. Two of these records were in the 175cc category, but Bultaco wasn’t happy to simply settle with that and also broke two records in 250cc category and another in the 350cc category! This unprecedented success would begin to cement Bultaco as the most legendary brand in the Spanish motorcycle industry.

The champion that shouldn’t have died:
Ramon Torras.

No rider had left an imprint on Bultaco as deep as a shy kid from Sabadell before. This shy kid was Ramon Torras. "The fastest rider that I met ever" according to Paco Bultó. Torras should have and would have become world champion, but, on 30th May 1965, he tragically died in a local race preparing for the Tourist Trophy of the Isle of Man.

The Metralla MK2:
A masterpiece.

Innovated from the 200cc Metralla 62, the Metralla MK2 was the pinnacle of Bultaco’s success on the road. In 1966, the year of its launch, the 250cc engine and it’s five speeds boosted it beyond 100mph, making it the fastest 250cc production bike in the world. Bultaco’s had become the most innovative and legendary motorcycles in Spain but the team dreamed on daring to push the boundaries of the motorcycle industry further than ever before.

The first American.

The beautiful tale of the Bultaco Pursang was starred by a barely 20-year-old rider, at the controls of a near-production Mk6. In the first round of the World Championship of motocross in 1973, an unknown Jim Pomeroy debuted with a spectacular and decisive victory over the reigning champions.

The most honoured:
the Sherpa T.

In 1965 Bultaco launched the Sherpa T, the first in a saga that would dominate the world for years in dirt track. In addition to countless victories in the most important international challenges, the Sherpa T won the first five consecutive dirt track world championships from 1975 to 1979.

World Champions.

Bultaco was the racing world champion in 1976 and 1977 with Angel Nieto, and in 1978 and 1981 with Ricardo Tormo. In the hands of such exceptional riders, the fast but elegant Bultaco TSS gave the brand its most impressive successes in racing.

The Bultaco Streaker:
Cradle of champions.

The Streaker was the last great work of Bultaco in its initial form. The Streaker was a small sport bike, which was true to the brand. It was admired for its exceptional stability due to a revolutionary multi-tubular chassis. With it, Sito Pons (double world champion) , Aspar (four times world champion) and Carlos Card˙s (world runner-up) would race in competition.

Bultaco is reborn.