Bultaco Albero

Bultaco presents its new urbanite concept, the Albero. This innovative urban solution is made for all those who want to keep enjoying a 100% Bultaco experience, but in the city.

The Albero is the perfect combination of 100% electric hybrid propulsion and independent peddling. There is no need to set aside your moto-biker spirit with the 2kW electric motor propelling you to speeds of up to 30 MPH.

Albero. The new Bultaco urban Moto-Bike is waiting to take its place in the urbanite environment. This innovative concept is more than an ebike. Albero truly unlocks the city for you to play in.

Albero’s combination of electric hybrid propulsion with independent pedalling allows you to have an authentic motorbike experience with it Twist ’n’ Go throttle. L1e homologation makes it perfect for traversing the city in any traffic conditions.

Encouraged by the excellent result that the Moto-Bike achieved in the off-road market by the launch of Brinco - the first model of the Bultaco New Era - Bultaco brings its innovative concept to the urban environment in order to continue playing a leader role in the international two-wheels mobility.

This sustainable solution is 100% Bultaco. It does not pollute. Its 2kW electric motor, its agile handling and its innovative design makes Albero an exclusive premium vehicle.

Beauty in all its poses

After the excellent reception of the Bultaco Moto-Bike in the off-road world, the legendary Spanish brand has expanded its range with the launch of Albero. This innovative Moto-Bike continues to further affirm Bultaco as a leader in urban electric mobility at an international level.

Albero is a new Bultaco concept for the city and aims to create a new category of rider: The Moto-Biker. Moto-Biker’s are cosmopolitan urbanites that seek an avant-garde, sustainable form of transport.

A surprising combination of adrenaline, provided by its 100% electric propulsion, controlled directly by its throttle, and the physical experience of independent pedalling.

With its 2kW motor outputting an outstanding 60Nm torque, Albero is leagues ahead of other electric bikes in the urban atmosphere.

Lightweight, agile and robust Albero is able to elegantly manoeuvre through the urban environment. With just a twist of the throttle able to take you away.

Devils in the details

Rear Brakes: Hydraulic - Disk 203mm with 2-piston calliper. Rear gears.

Three-phase DC / AC controller. Pedal control OVERDRIVE.