Bultaco UK Service Rates

First Service - £50

Carried out once the Moto-Bike has travelled 310 miles or after 3 months, the first service is crucial to ensuring that you get the most out of your Bultaco for the maximum length of time. This is because the first service is when a most defects can be identified and quickly rectified. To reflect the importance of the first service we take extra care at Bultaco UK when carrying one out.

The Bultaco Brinco & Albero Moto-Bike's first service includes a complete check over all components with inspections being carried out to find any anomalies on the Moto-Bike. Once these have been completed the Bultaco Moto-bike will be fully lubricated as per workshop manual specification.

Full Service - £100

Required once yearly or as specified in the Bultaco Brinco & Albero Moto-Bike service schedule.

A full service include a complete check over all components on the Moto-bike inspecting for any excessive wear or damage that may compromise the operations of the machine. This level of service also includes a check of the wheel spokes and a complete diagnostic check of the internal electrical components.

After all the components of the Bultaco Brinco or Albero Moto-Bike have been inspected it will receive full lubrication as specified in the workshop manual. It will also receive a shot of grease into the Schlumpf Crank. If any software upgrades are required we will also perform these, testing the Moto-Bike once completed.

Software Upgrade - £50

A update to the latest version of the certified Bultaco Brinco or Albero Moto-Bike software. We will also test the Moto-bike on the new software to ensure complete functionality.

Side Stand Fitment - £20

Fitment of the official Bultaco Side Stand kit to the Bultaco Brinco R, RB and Discovery Limited Edition.

Please note this does not include the price of the side stand kit.

General Fault Finding - £40 per hour

For any work that the Bultaco Brinco or Albero Moto-Bike needs doing.

Please note this is only the labour cost, any parts required will be an additional charge.

All prices are Inclusive of VAT and carried out by factory trained technicians using Genuine Bultaco parts and factory tools.

NB Warranty work is carried out free of charge subject to proof of correct service history. Bultaco warranty is a return to dealer cover and does not include transportation costs. We can arrange collection and delivery, but the cost must be paid by the owner, prices available upon request.