Warranty Information

All machines in the Bultaco Brinco range are covered by a 2 year full warranty subject to maintaining the correct service schedules. Please note that this warranty does not cover any damage to the machine caused by personal misuse or accident.

To submit a warranty request you must take your Bultaco machine to the nearest officially recognised Bultaco dealership who will handle the request on your behalf. We unfortunately are unable to complete warranty requests made by any workshops or motorcycle dealerships that are not officially affiliated with Bultaco.

If you are unsure where your closest official Bultaco dealership is located please consult this map or contact us directly.

General Battery Information

Bultaco demands only the best power supplies to power our bikes. Therefore you can expect one of our batteries to remain function for 900-1000 charge cycles. This equates to approximately 25000 miles of usage on or off the road ensuring your fun stops when you do not when the battery decides to give up.

To ensure when a pit stop is required to recharge your batteries and the moto-bike's that you're not down for long Bultaco's offer excellent charge times. Using a standard 240-volt charger you can expect 80% charge in just 2 hours and complete 100% charge in 3 hours.

The battery is fitted with a quick release system secured with a conventional lock and also a locking screw. These combine to ensure that whilst the battery takes under 15 seconds to remove the security of your machine is not compromised giving the best of both worlds.

Where is the Frame Number located?

The frame number that corresponds to your Bultaco Brinco can be located on the head tube of the moto-bike. Alternatively, if your Bultaco Brinco has been registered for road use then the frame number can also be located in the logbook for the machine.

Are the Bultaco Brinco's Road Legal?

The Bultaco Brinco RE, C and S are all homologated for road use within the UK. They can be purchased in two formats:
A - as a Ped-elec (EAPC) which is restricted to a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and 250w maximum continuous power, this machine can be used in the same manner as a normal pedal cycle.
B - Speed Ped-elec (moped) which requires the appropriate licence registration, insurance and road tax (currently free on electric vehicles) with a top speed of 45 km p/h.

If you are outside of the UK you will have to make your own enquires to the appropriate body within your own country in order to establish if the moto-bikes are eligible for road use.

Do the Bultaco Brinco's offer just electrical pedal assistance?

No a key design feature of the Bultaco Brinco is the independent throttle that allows you total control of the level of electrical assistance you require with just the twist of a throttle. This is totally independent from the pedal transmission so you can ride just on the throttle, just by pedal or, the best way, a combination of the two.

Maximum weight for the Bultaco Brincos?

The maximum recommended weight for a standard Bultaco Brinco is 100kg. However, a heavy duty rear suspension is available for the moto-bikes if necessary.

Does the Bultaco Brinco range feature a cruise control?

Yes the feature is named "power control" for the Bultaco Brinco range. This feature can be utilised by simply pressing the blue switch on the left hand handle bar. This allows for the maintenance of a constant level of power of your choice. Simply twist the throttle to the desired power level (indicated on the information display) press the power control button and then the desired power level will be maintained and the throttle application. Simply retouching the blue button or pressing a brake lever can then cancel this.

Is the suspension adjustable on the Bultaco Brincos?

The full Brinco range offers fully adjustable suspension on both the rear shock absorber as well as the front forks. This allows you to customise the ride of your moto-bike to your preference optimising both comfort and control.

Can a Bultaco Brinco be ridden in a cycle lane?

In the UK the ped-elec EAPC version of the Brinco is limited to 15.5 mph and therefore classed as a cycle and non-motorised vehicle and can therefore go legally anywhere a normal push bike or cycle can go including cycle lanes and new breed of cycle superhighways that are springing up in major UK cities and towns.

If you are outside of the UK you will have to make your own enquires to the appropriate body within your own country in order to establish if the moto-bikes are eligible for cycle lane use.

I live in a non-240 Volt country, can I get a charger?

An alternate charger can be supplied but the details of your requirements must be specified at time of purchase as, 240 volts is standard. The alternate charger is a dual voltage charger for both 110 volts and 240 volts.

Do we ship worldwide?

We ship units (full Bultaco Moto-Bikes) to any country without an official Bultaco franchise already established in it. We can offer all other services including parts and technical support worldwide. Prices for global exports vary depending on the destination so please ensure you contact us directly first for an accurate quote on the transport costs.

All of our exports use timber treated for global transport to ensure minimal problems with customs and speedy delivery of your order.

What are your crate sizes?

Crate specification 1810 (Length) x 600 (Width) X 1245 (Height)mm and a weight of 61.9kg, including the pallet.

In export crates we can fit 58 units in a cubic 20ft container.

Can I become an official Bultaco dealer?

Simply fill in our Dealer Enquiry Form and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible with more information.