Never Stop

Bultaco are always looking for new environments and terrains for the Brinco to conquer. Snow, mud and freezing temperatures are no problem for the Brinco. If you begin to sink, with just a twist of the Brinco’s throttle provides enough power to get out of any situation. The limit? Only your imagination!

Riding the Brinco in the snow is a unique experience that allows its combination of power and agility to dominate the environment. Bultaco want you to challenge their Moto-Bikes by allowing them to take you to the limit in the most extreme of conditions. Never stop dreaming!

The integrated Lithium-Ion battery provides enough power for 3 hours of extreme riding. This allows you to tackle any surface at speed. Mud, stones, snow and roots all are no problem for the Brinco. The true potential of the Moto-Bike can only been reached in these extreme conditions. The only obstacles in your way will be your limits.

Bultaco know that winter can sometimes provide barriers to going outside on your Moto-Bike. Bultaco only use the best components combined with cutting-edge technology so you can be confident in the Brinco’s ability to enjoy winter at full speed. The Brinco’s unrivalled agility and stability will provide you with the confidence whatever the weather.

Bultaco do not want you to have to stop like the rest because of bad weather. Enjoying the new challenges that you find along the way with your Brinco, is one of our objectives. Plan new routes, wrap up well and don´t let anything stop you. Make your own path.

Bultaco believe in the importance of disconnecting from the day-to-day routine, cleaning your mind and letting the adrenaline flood your veins. Bultaco want to be part of that getaway to nature, Brinco becoming your companion in adventures. Snow? No Problem! Lose myself? I´m just finding me.

Thanks to Brinco’s off-road tires and suspension you can enjoy the snow no matter how deep it gets. Do not stop, not with your Bultaco, take it to the limit and enjoy with it wherever you go. With Brinco Never Stop!