Bultaco Brinco Multi Purpose Car Trailer Rack

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Using the Bultaco Brinco Multi Purpose Car Trailer Rack you can now you can take your Brinco wherever you go!

The new Bultaco rack is so easy and quick to install that you will have it ready in the blink of an eye. Its very practical, thanks to its handy tilting hook that will allow you to place your Brinco with ease. And your moto-bike will always be protected and safe against theft thanks to the lock built into the support arm.

With the Bultaco rack you can carry, in addition to your Brinco, skis, luggage, a pet carrier you decide! We know you like all different kinds of fun, so we want you to take it all!


Basic version includes:

  • 1 tilting tow-ball with 7-pin connector
  • 1 Brinco clamping arm*
  • 2 supports and 2 straps for wheels

Weight: 15kg

Recommended carrying capacity: 65kg
For higher loads, confirm the vehicle's and tow-ball technical specifications.


  • Ramp (available now)
  • 2 supports & 2 straps to carry 1 extra Brinco (available now)
  • 1 clamping arm* to carry 1 extra Brinco (available now)
  • Ski Ruck (coming soon)
  • Pet trunk (coming soon)
  • Luggage rack (coming soon)

*Equipped with anti-theft lock key